So You Want to Be a Wedding Singer?


While a career as a wedding singer can be rewarding, fun, and lucrative, it also requires flexibility and a thick skin. Being a wedding singer is a creative escape from the nine-to-five grind, it allows you to work in (hopefully!) beautiful settings where everyone is happy, and it might even get you noticed by a talent agent or producer.

If you’re just starting out: first of all, you need talent. And a repertoire of diverse songs from different time periods and singing styles. Next, don’t be afraid to out yourself out there. No one will hear you sing if you’re hiding. Create a website, ask bridal shops if you can post flyers or leave a card, and look at advertising costs in local newspapers or magazines. Ask for referrals from clients, and tell your friends and family to spread the word.

Most couples aren’t going to book you sight unseen. Be prepared to audition for stressed out and confused couples who might not know what they want or might have different definitions for “traditional” or “classical” than you do. The general rule of thumb: the bride is always right, even if you don’t agree with her choices.

Things to consider when booking a gig

When you book a gig, remember it’s the bride’s day, not yours. There’s no room for diva demands or behaviour — you’re not Mariah Carey. Even if your performance is a focal part of the evening, draw everything back to the couple. A great way to ensure you don’t steal the spotlight is to surprise the bride by asking the groom if she has a favourite song, or if they as a couple do. Singing “their song” is a special moment for the bride, and a way to connect with the couple yourself. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to see them so excited.

326_131220_482291892200_67327657200_6202677_3094540_oBeing a solo artist without a full wedding band has its pros and cons. Some of which can be seen by comparing the career of wedding singer Adam Thomas who went from being a solo to forming his own wedding band, The Souljers who have provided great wedding entertainment for Leicester and the surrounding areas throughout the years. On the plus side, you get to keep everything you make. You also get to know the couple more intimately and can enjoy the process more when you’re known as an individual and not a part of a collective group. Plus, it’s is an awesome way to meet people — everyone always wants to talk to the wedding singer. The cons are hauling around your own equipment, often having to point couples towards bands you want to work with, and having your friends ask you to perform for free at their personal or corporate events.

Ultimately, being a wedding singer is both a tough gig and a great one — but either way, there’s never a dull moment.

June 23, 2015

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