How to choose a wedding band


If you are the lucky one that got engaged recently and are looking forward to plan for the big wedding day then look no further! We have the solution for the entertainment gig at your wedding. Apart from a choosing a perfect venue, catering service, decorator, florist and photographer you would have to select the best entertainment program for your wedding. Keeping your guests entertained can go a long way in making the event a huge success. Nearly everyone opts for a wedding band to make the event energetic and unforgettable because we can’t deny the fact that almost everyone enjoys dancing to the beats of music. Here are a few realistic facts and types of live bands that can help you select the ideal entertaining band for your wedding.

Rock and Pop Bands

If certain bands refer to themselves as London wedding or party bands then more often than not they are function bands which, is great as it can work towards your advantage. The best function or cover bands are professional and possesses the expertise of playing a diverse range of lively music which, implies that they know the kind of music that can make the guests of all ages sway to the beats. Their playlists consist of popular pop songs to enable your guests to sing along. These types of bands usually comprises of four to five band members.

Jazz Bands

Jazz belongs to a diverse genre of music that ranges from traditional Dixieland to funky modern-day style. So, you may want to opt for acoustic jazz for your drinks receptions to generate a calm but, classy ambiance. For the wedding day, it would be preferable if you go for a standard jazz band with vocalist to sing and play classic tunes from yesteryear stars like Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Dizzie Gillespie.

Rat Pack and Swing Bands

You can induce the liveliness of Las Vegas at your wedding with a Rat Pack or swing band tribute by reviving the classic nostalgic songs of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davies Jnr. These kinds of bands can bestow refinement and elegance to a wedding event with a plethora of class.

Big Bands For Wedding

You can choose to heighten the level of entertainment at your wedding to a new intensity with big bands. A big band is like a mini orchestra with a complete brass section, soothing rhythms and clever sax section that makes the 40s era astounding and in style. Simply by adding jazz, swing and show tunes you can have the ultimate wedding entertainment package that will ensure that the dance floor is jam-packed with enthusiastic dancers.

Swing, Jive and Rock-n-Roll Bands

In case you your partner and guests are passionate dancers then these bands are ideal for you. They play a spirited mix of tunes that encourage everyone present in the room to move to the dance floor. This catchy mix of music can infuse enjoyment to the event and turn it into a memorable one for all.

Tribute Bands

Tribute bands can easily regenerate the sounds and exhilaration of original songs with various music instruments and costumes. So, rather than hiring a world renowned band you can go for a tribute band and save a lot of money. A few of these bands focus on tributes pertaining to the 50s, 60s or other specific age of music, to stimulate more fun with the costume and wigs that were suitable during that era.

Overall, remember that the perfect live band can keep the guests at your wedding party more entertained than anything else which, makes it all the more important to choose the right band for your event of a lifetime. So, you may want to consider these useful tips while choosing the ideal live band for your wedding to keep your guests thrilled and excited on the dance floors!

August 17, 2015

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