Top 5 Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations


You have decided to tie the knot. Marriage bring two people together in an exquisite ceremony that harkens back to tardiness of yore. And after the wedding, it is time for the honeymoon. To make sure your wedding is the perfect start to your new lie, you have to bookend it with the perfect honeymoon. Something special. Something that will stay in your memories forever as the start of your wedded life. For those reasons, you must pick the perfect honeymoon destination. Here are our top picks for honeymoon bliss.


Who can deny that romance of Paris. The gem of the old world. The home of the eiffel tower. Founded in the 3rd century BC, by 1200 AD Paris was the most populous city in the West. With amazing sites like the Louve, Norte Damme Cathedral, and the Eiffel Tower, there is plenty to do when and if you leave your suite. Their is no doubt that Paris would be an unforgettable honeymoon destination for any couple


The eternal city. The crown of the Roman Empire. There are few cities with the grandeur, history, and romance of Rome. You and your newly betrothed can visit the Vatican, the coliseum, the Parthenon, or numerous other historical sites. You can walk along the Tiber river, eat at fine Italian restaurants. Their are few people that would not consider a Rome a honeymoon destination to remember.

San Francisco

From the gold rush in the mid 1800’s to the hippie movement of the 1960’s, San Francisco has a unique history all it’s own. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz. Have lunch in Chinatown, and dinner on Fisherman’s wharf. With a short drive to the Pacific Ocean, Redwood forests, and wine country, there is something for everyone in San Francisco. If California has a perfect honeymoon destination, this is it.


Who hasn’t dreamed of a romantic getaway to a Pacific island paradise? With something for everyone, Fiji has urban centers like Nadi on the main island of Vita Levu, and secluded private island resorts like Turtle Island in the Yasawa island chain. Situated on the famous Blue Lagoon (from the movie of the same name) Turtle Island is an all inclusive resort with a private beach for every Villa. This could be the perfect honeymoon destination.

The Bahamas

Encompassing more then 180,000 square miles of ocean, the Bahamas have something for everyone. Weather staying on New Providence in the capital city of Nassau, or on one of the resort heavy islands like Grand Bahama or Paradise Island, the Bahamas are sure to have everything you need to make your honeymoon special.


What is your dream Honeymoon Destination? Share your locations in the comments below.

August 25, 2015

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